The Threshing Floor

Advent episode 2!  Our hosts sit down to talk about the missional side of advent and how folks can take a few steps deeper into the tradition. We also talk about favorite traditions around Christmas both at home and in the church. 

Episode Content includes:

  • When ministry gets intense.
  • Advent Calendars.
  • Lego Advent calendars.
  • Christmas mouse.
  • Calling out Matt Stout.
  • Anticipation and Advent.
  • Entry point into Advent.
  • Drew's Mom voice.
  • Johnny Matthis Christmas album.
  • Stories of hope. 
  • Eschatology.
  • Why we need to anticipate.
  • Jesus coming back. 
  • This isn't how it's going to be. 
  • If it can't bring light...then it isn't as good as we say it is. 
  • O little town of Alleppo.
  • Rescue and redemption.
  • He can save us. Even us. 
  • Being present and not losing hope. 
  • The presence and the future. 

The Threshing Floor Gift Guide for Procrastinators. 

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Tools of Titans -Tim Ferris
  • American Buffalo - Steve Rinella
  • The John Wesley Collection
  • Mono remaster of Pet Sounds
  • Sturgill Simpson a Sailor's Guide to Earth.
  • Joshua wants the entire collection of Florida-Georgia Line albums. 
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