The Threshing Floor

In this episode of the Threshing Floor, we sit down with John Heinz from Centerform, an innovation hub for Christian Ministry. Centerform serves as a co-working and event space in downtown Atlanta, Ga. 

Our conversation includes:

  • Red Dawn.
  • Gas station snacks.
  • What movie have you seen the most?
  • Casey Neistat.
  • John Heinz, the chief innovation strategist at Centerform.
  • Reurbanization and the church.
  • Engaging urban ministry.
  • Coexisting voices.
  • Centerform is about questions and getting the right people at the table and discovering the answers together.
  • Defining urbanization.
  • What is an innovation hub?
  • What it means to create a fishpond.
  • Discovering common language together. 
  • Rediscovering the idea of vocation. 
  • Space for pioneers and apostles. 
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