The Threshing Floor


In this episode, Joshua and Drew settle down for a nice long conversation directed by twitter feedback. We handle a multitude of topics offered up by you. 

  • Chad is out.
  • Meredith is doing the ironman.
  • Thunderdome and Meredith can take #masterblaster.
  • Joshua's new position.
  • Allan Bibles
  • Ministry with Muslims and Bible carrying. 
  • Having a presentation Bible. 
  • #snookie or Star Wars?
  • Dennis Kinlaw.
  • leaving a legacy of making disciples.
  • Pickup trucks and the Highwaymen.
  • Which Highwayman are the hosts?
  • Facebook and augmented reality.
  • Is internet interaction a place/location or an action?
  • Inerrancy and infallibility.
  • Bible worship or Jesus worship. 


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