The Threshing Floor

As the three hosts journey off into somewhat charted waters, they discuss a plethora of topics. These include World War Z, childhood television shows and weight loss. This is also the first episode failing to mention Willie Nelson, quite the feat!

The serious side of things focuses on spiritual practices, the things we do to stay close to God. The spiritual life is the intentional life.

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Episode 002: Primary Spiritual Experiences

The Thunderous Three tackle television, a great restaurant idea and Joshua’s blind date with a Calvinist. We find out more about who our hosts are and what they do. They also get serious and share their primary spiritual experiences.

Join in with the guys as they think about why certain moments make us who we are.

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The Magnificent Three take on several somewhat related topics, and unlike another ill fated episode 1 ours doesn’t involve Jar Jar!

The focus of the conversation is the tornado is Moore, OK earlier this week and John Piper’s subsequent comment. You can read the exact information and Piper’s response here. We talk about theological determinism, a particular persuasion some Christians hold. The larger conversation centers on a discussion of God choosing (or not choosing) to cause pain.
You can also expect several alternate topics like Online Dating and the benefits of a personal theme song.
All in just 45 minutes!
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As we fly towards our first full episode, we wanted to give you a quick teaser (and also throw up some audio content for iTunes to catch). Here is just a brief look into what life inside The Threshing Floor studio is like.

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