The Threshing Floor

In the midst of the glorious (and Lent breaking) reality of the AM Crunchwrap our hosts find the time to talk about the recent movie Noah. They share a conversation about Biblical narrative, the nature of God and the interior human struggle of the Biblical Story. We also lament the loss of a childhood hero for two of the hosts and talk about the spring of super Jesus movies.

The Master List of Noah Links:
The Noah Movie and It's Sources

Noah: A Jewish Retelling
Sympathy For The Devil
The Storymen Podcast: Noah Episode

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Have you ever wondered if the world self destructs with only two people on The Threshing Floor? Well, you can relax, nothing bad happens. Joshua and Chad lead this episode talking about leadership, connection and influence. Joshua interviews Rev. Steve Wood, Senior Pastor of Mt. Pisgah UMC in the greater Atlanta area. Steve talks about self leadership, leading congregations and the upcoming Large Church Initiative conference. 

We also talk about the deeper side of Joshua and Chad's relationship and what leadership looks like online for people in ministry. 

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