The Threshing Floor
48: Christian Trolls and All Saints

What happens when Christian Artists go see Taylor Swift and share it on Instagram? (We promise this is the last episode we talk about Taylor Swift). ((Seriously)). #wehopeso

Our hosts also talk about their first experience with All Saints and why the All Saints celebration is a necessary part of not only Christian worship, but the larger theological perspective of Christianity. 

We also go through some listener mail, talk about Joshua's Halloween costume and get into a little #cagerage.


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This episode our hosts begin a two-part conversation on Death, Dying and Grief. Today, we specifically share about what it looks like to pastor people in the middle of grief and why the Christian Church needs a better concept of death. We also share about the birth of Drew's son, McDonalds 24 hr breakfast and more about Ryan Adams 1989. In the end, we go through some listener mail.

Resources Mentioned:
Stanley Hauerwas on How the Church deals with Death
Tom Long: Accompany Them With Singing
James K A Smith: Desiring the Kingdom
James K A Smith: Liturgical Lessons From Ryan Adams 1989

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