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In this episode of The Threshing Floor our hosts get back to the basics of our relationship with a conversation on worship design. Drew interviews the Rev. Dr. Constance Cherry. In their conversation, Dr. Cherry shares about several topics: the centrality of Christ in worship, the rhythm of Eucharist and understanding worship as an appointment with God. If you are interested in worship, you will want to give this a listen.

Our hosts also talk about worship design and then share their oddest worship experience.

Resources Mentioned:
Your Best Move: The Transition Package The Worship (Dr. Cherry's website)
The Worship Architect (Book link)
Book of Common Prayer
Mr. Bean goes to church (youtube link)

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On this episode of the Threshing Floor our three hosts share about the Church Calendar and what they love about Lent. We ask questions to each other about what it means to Lead lent as a pastor but also share some of our own decision of the changes we are making during Lent in our own lives. 

They also spend some significant time talking about Drew's journey into adulthood through fostering and the power of the incarnation in the daily life. 

The Threshing Floor encourages our listeners to use the hashtag #lenting and journey through the season of Lent with each other. 

Resources Mentioned:
Your Best Move: The Transition Package
Athanasius: The Life of Antony of the Desert
Sayings of the Desert Fathers

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