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In the final regular episode of The Threshing Floor, Joshua, Drew and Chad share about their favorite episodes over the past 4 years. We also share our ideal apocalyptic scenario. We end with a special presentation from Joshua. 

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It's Ascension day! For our second-to-last episode, we sit down with our former boss, current friend, and always Jedi High Master, JD. Walt. We've been looking forward to this conversation. Buckle your belts and hold on. This is some next-level stuff. 

Sabbath with JD Walt | PP 5
Solid Country Gold | TTF 50

* The day Jesus took off.
* Waylon Jennings “If you see me getting smaller…”
* zip lining Jesus
* heaven is sideways. It’s right here.
* Jesus is 6 feet way
* The holy spirit brings Jesus from with us to within us
* What does it mean for us to have a king
* multidimensional state of reality
* Where is he and where are we?
* Chad preached ascension without knowing it.
* What if we are all asleep?
* #somelivesmatter
* what is the meaning of divine love?
* Enlightenment doesn’t mean upward, it faces downward.
* Love is counterintuitive
* T-shirts

The Unseen Real by Steve Seamands
Surprised by hope by NT Wright
How the world Lost its Story - Robert Jenson

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Welcome to the Threshing Floor. We talk with Pete Greig, founder of the 24/7 prayer movement and author. This conversation comes live from New Room 2016.

We also share

  • Bill Nye meme's
  • Rocky 4
  • Over The Top
  • Stallone Movies
  • Longing for more of God
  • Tired of past and present forms of prayer
  • Tired of out-sourcing prayer to the old ladies
  • The Lord will try to bless us in and through prayer
  • We have to learn to talk to God and act out Holy things
  • Prayer is not static, it's where everything begins
  • The Glory of God manifests itself in the dirt of the world
  • Big Threshing Floor news


New Room 2017
Red Moon Rising
Dirty Glory

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In this episode, Joshua and Drew settle down for a nice long conversation directed by twitter feedback. We handle a multitude of topics offered up by you. 

  • Chad is out.
  • Meredith is doing the ironman.
  • Thunderdome and Meredith can take #masterblaster.
  • Joshua's new position.
  • Allan Bibles
  • Ministry with Muslims and Bible carrying. 
  • Having a presentation Bible. 
  • #snookie or Star Wars?
  • Dennis Kinlaw.
  • leaving a legacy of making disciples.
  • Pickup trucks and the Highwaymen.
  • Which Highwayman are the hosts?
  • Facebook and augmented reality.
  • Is internet interaction a place/location or an action?
  • Inerrancy and infallibility.
  • Bible worship or Jesus worship. 


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In this episode of The Threshing Floor, we wanted to provide a different type of experience. The Easter Vigil is a tradition dating back to the early church and is still in practice in different expressions of Christianity today. It is a full worship service, complete with multiple expression of devotion to Jesus and includes baptisms and communion. 

This episode is an immersive experience into the rhythm of the Easter vigil and is complete with a conversation about the host's own experience and love for the vigil. We also have a special guest, Dr. Lester Ruth, research professor of Christian Worship at Duke Divinity. He speaks specifically about the role of baptism and the early expression of baptism in the Easter Vigil. Dr. Marilyn Elliot also serves as part of our experience together. Drew Causey wrote a few special pieces of music and performed some other songs perfect for the Easter Vigil. You will also here a few select clips from Leonard Ravenhill, Joshua's favorite revival preacher. Chad has edited all of the together in a special auditory presentation.

So sit back, put on your headphones and spend the next hour with The Threshing Floor's special Easter Vigil Episode. 


Resources Mentioned:

Walking Where Jesus Walked by Dr. Lester Ruth

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Our hosts are back with an action-packed episode full of excitement, suspense, and romance...well, not really. We have a conversation about prayer and what it means to us currently.

  • Death Zombie Flu.
  • Call of Duty Zombies.
  • Get Out.
  • Event Horizon.
  • Ernest Goes to Camp.
  • Jurassic Park.
  • What does ministry look like to you right now?
  • church adolescence. 
  • Senior Pastors get dessert. 
  • Watching the Shack.
  • #ShackRant
  • Jesus in the midst of chaos. 
  • The era of the plastic. 
  • Disciplines as a trellis. 
  • create space and structure. 
  • Scripture/Prayer process. 
  • Recent prayer life. 
  • What does it mean to have short prayers?
  • Pissed off Eugene Peterson.
  • How do we bridge the suburban and urban church?
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Chad sits down with Adam Weber, lead pastor of Embrace Church, and has a conversation about prayer and his new book Talking with God. Chad and Joshua talk about prayer and how big of fans we are of Adam. 

Our conversations include: 

  • RIP Bill Paxton.
  • The Summer will have her fury. 
  • Hatfield and McCoy's
  • Sturgill Simpson and his grammy. 
  • The roots of Bro Country. 
  • Roadies. 
  • The Allman Brothers.
  • Conversation with Adam.
  • How we all love Matt LeRoy. 
  • Shift in prayer life.
  • It's isn't a last resort.
  • It shifts into the first thing. 
  • Prayer is the only option. 
  • your to-do list is secondary to staying with the Lord. 
  • Spend time on your knees. Literally.
  • Make prayer the foundation of your life. 
  • We don't need to #hustle so much. 
  • Sabbath. We aren't robots or machines. 
  • Corporate Prayer.
  • A staff value. 1st place is on our knees. 
  • Partnership Class. 1st ask is prayer. 
  • Prayer after services. 
  • Write/type while praying. 
  • Marca Dawn on Prayer. 
  • Our prayer life is like a phone call with loving parents. 
  • Shame and prayer. And why we need to drop it. 
  • Parent shaming. 
  • How you view God will determine how you pray. 
  • Chore or a relationship. 
  • Leadership and corporate prayer. 
  • Prayer is a deliberate and public activity.

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It's Lent. And we just finished Mardi Gras. On this episode, Chad and Drew have a conversation about getting ready for Lent and traditions before Ash Wednesday. We also have a conversation with Dr. David Fitch from Northern Seminary in Chicago. 

Our conversations include:

  • Joshua is skiing.
  • Youth group ski trips.
  • Movie censorship.
  • Mardi Gras.
  • Shrove Tuesday.
  • King Cake.
  • Fat Tuesday and the Filthy Fifty.
  • Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday is the liturgical version of the classic Beatles or Stones question.
  • David Fitch.
  • Theology of Sacramental Presence.
  • How the presence of Christ manifests in places.
  • How are sacraments turned outward.
  • A little fasting goes a long way.
  • The whole church needs more Lent.
  • You will not have a you that is a me without the us.
  • How have you become reconciled back to Christ for the purpose of this world?
  • Living as reconcilers.
  • We pray to "our" Father, not "my" Father. 
  • Different versions of the "presence" of Christ as subjective, experimental or a social reality.
  • Sin in the camp effects the camp (exodus). 
  • Peacemaking and reconciling.
  • Do we believe in reconciliation or do we do reconciliation?
  • What does Lent look like for the sake of other people?
  • Lent and communal sins.
  • Church Calendar (as Christendom).
  • Communal Penitence. 
  • Lent as a prophetic presence.
  • It can't just be purple stuff.
  • Post-modern reality is a reality of community.
  • Lent as the presence of Christ.
  • Christ is a social constructor NOT a social construct. 
  • David Fitch and his Facebook skills. 

Find and interact with David Fitch @fitchest and MissioAlliance 

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In this episode of the Threshing Floor, we sit down with John Heinz from Centerform, an innovation hub for Christian Ministry. Centerform serves as a co-working and event space in downtown Atlanta, Ga. 

Our conversation includes:

  • Red Dawn.
  • Gas station snacks.
  • What movie have you seen the most?
  • Casey Neistat.
  • John Heinz, the chief innovation strategist at Centerform.
  • Reurbanization and the church.
  • Engaging urban ministry.
  • Coexisting voices.
  • Centerform is about questions and getting the right people at the table and discovering the answers together.
  • Defining urbanization.
  • What is an innovation hub?
  • What it means to create a fishpond.
  • Discovering common language together. 
  • Rediscovering the idea of vocation. 
  • Space for pioneers and apostles. 
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We are back from our January break and ready to roll! 

In this episode, we hear from Joshua about his trip to Turkey and talk about what it means to leave our dreams and call on the shelf. It's a little different episode than normal, but it is full of great conversation. 

We talk about:

  • Yogurt
  • Catching Up
  • Taking January Off
  • Turkey or Turkey Dinner
  • Istanbul (or Constantinople)
  • The story of Joseph
  • Active and passive faithfulness
  • What does it mean when your call isn't happening?
  • Twitter feedback
  • The origins of "Alright, Alright, Alright"
  • #chadwins
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