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It's Advent, one of our favorite seasons of the liturgical year! In episode 30, Josh and Drew discuss some of their family Christmas traditions, including boxing matches and brass band caroling. We open up the conversation with some of our TTF Twitter follower's questions about the Lord of the Rings movies and our thoughts on the Exodus movie (we haven't seen it...), and then move into our Advent conversation.. With some of our nation's current events in view, we discuss what it means to anticipate the coming of Jesus and the justice of the Kingdom as a people in process. We also talk about the call to readiness during the Advent season and what it means in our day and time to be prepared for the return of Christ. Josh and Drew also close the episode by sharing some of their gift ideas for you last-minute Christmas shoppers.

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Episode 29: Live from New Room 2014

In the final Threshing Floor episode featuring content from the New Room Conference, The Threshing Floor offers closing thoughts about the conference with a live audience.

If you have ever been curious what a random conversation with Drew, Joshua and Chad is like...then this is your episode. We get feedback from multiple other folks at the conference about the best learning moments at the conference. 

Plus, plenty of great banter and we finally let Joshua sing the majority of Usher's hit "Yeah" and Chad tells a story about eating horse. 

Productive Pastor Interview with Justin Wise on Call, Hustle and Why Goals Matter


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At the recent New Room Conference, the Threshing Floor had a chance to spend time with Alan and Deb Hirsch. It was a great time. Drew and Joshua managed to sit down and interview the Hirsch family. 

In addition to our interview, this episode features discussion about Patrick Swayze, Drew going to see Garth Brooks and Chad's most recent embarrassing musical declaration. 


We finish out our interview with a conversation about the future of the missional church. 

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Have you ever served in Youth Ministry?  In this episode Drew interviews Jeremy Steele, author of Reclaiming the Lost Soul of Youth Ministry and serves as the head of Youth Ministry Collective.

We also talk about crazy youth ministry stories, talent shows, Christian rap battles,  should Chad shave his beard and Joshua no longer is known as the singing host…and the infamous Asbury Ale 8 One Whassup.

We are giving away 2 copies of Jeremy’s latest book. You can win one by sharing a youth ministry story and use the #hashtag #TTFshebear.

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For the final installment in our series on Left  Behind our hosts talk about the best and worst parts of the Movie, rap about hanging out in hardware stores, Christian movies and do we go to heaven in our underwear?

We go through some user mail and talk with Joshua about his singing.

In the final part of the episode, Chad interviews Omar Rikabi about his upcoming seedbed resource on Left Behind theology and how it affects all of us.

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For the very first time, The Threshing Floor has a topic so wild it deserves a two part episode! In this first part, our hosts break down their own latent fears of being Left Behind, some Eschatological Terminology and their own memories of crazy church end of the world culture in the 1980's.

Chad also decides how much it is worth him hugging a fish, we do some reader mail and debate the best/worst (because seriously...they are the same thing) Nicholas Cage movies.


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On this episode of the Threshing Floor our hosts are live at the New Room conference. We share about the first day with Ed Stetzer and Alan and Deb Hirsch. We also go through a TON of listener tweets. We finish up with a listener question (via video) about social media and ministry.

We look forward to sharing day 2 with you in two weeks.

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In this episode of The Threshing Floor, our three hosts talk about something important to each of them. Throughout the history of the Church, healing and healing ministry has played an important role. In the 21st century, healing can get a bad rap or just disappear  in a general state of confusion.

Joshua, Drew and Chad share about the ontological necessity of healing and what role healing plays in our sanctification. They also talk about the different roles of healing in the life of believers as well as the difference between healing and coping.

As always, we get things off with a totally out there conversation. Joshua talks about Michael Jordan, Chad shares how his greatest fear came into reality and Drew talks about a recent trip to Guatemala. We also bat around the idea of Threshing Floor Bingo and what would make it on the card.

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In this episode of The Threshing Floor our hosts turn to a conversation on the hearts of many people today, The Middle East. We focus our conversation on having a heart for people outside of our world and what it means to cultivate a reality of living with a global mindset.

We also go through some twitter mail, share more about apocalyptic sidekicks, give reasons why we love vinyl records and go on an tangent about the matrix.

Resources Mentioned:
Standing in the shadow of the priest.
Omar Hamid Al-Rikabi

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In the 21st episode of the Threshing Floor our hosts talk about some old favorites and discuss the effects of season of life and seasons of ministry.

We also talk about the new Mad Max Fury Road Trailer, why post-apocalyptic stories are popular right now and what sidekick they would each pick to live in a post-apocalyptic world.

Resources Mentioned:
Pagan Christianity? Frank Viola and George BarnaChrist in Culture H. Richard Niebuhr

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