The Threshing Floor

The Threshing Floor is back with another hot episode. Our hosts talk about;

  • Snakes
  • G.I. Joe
  • The Serial Podcast
  • Donuts and donut burgers
  • Donuts and BBQ
  • Lent
  • What it means to die to yourself
  • more G.I. Joe 
  • What it means to cancel church


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 It's Ash Wednesday...wednesday, Wednesday, WEDNESDAY. 

In this episode we talk about...

  • Louisiana culture and Mardi Gras
  • Fat Tuesday vs. Shrove Tuesday
  • Fried fish dinners
  • Monster Truck rallies as great first dates
  • Joshua's families records against the Dralle brothers in Chicago area demolition derbies. 
  • The #selfie fascination with Ash Wednesday
  • Ash Wednesday as a cultural entry point into the church calendar
  • What Big Event strategies look like in ministry
  • Why we have a bad view of death (and how Ash Wednesday helps)

We are giving away 5 copies of's new Lent Soundtrack resource. Tweet #ttfsoundtrack to enter. 

The Threshing Floor would LOVE to get Dr. James K. A. Smith on the show (he is our favorite Calvinist). Would you help us with this? Tweet to @james_ka_smith to help us out...and tell him how much he NEEDS to be on The Threshing Floor?

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