The Threshing Floor

On this episode of the Threshing Floor our hosts are live at the New Room conference. We share about the first day with Ed Stetzer and Alan and Deb Hirsch. We also go through a TON of listener tweets. We finish up with a listener question (via video) about social media and ministry.

We look forward to sharing day 2 with you in two weeks.

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In this episode of The Threshing Floor, our three hosts talk about something important to each of them. Throughout the history of the Church, healing and healing ministry has played an important role. In the 21st century, healing can get a bad rap or just disappear  in a general state of confusion.

Joshua, Drew and Chad share about the ontological necessity of healing and what role healing plays in our sanctification. They also talk about the different roles of healing in the life of believers as well as the difference between healing and coping.

As always, we get things off with a totally out there conversation. Joshua talks about Michael Jordan, Chad shares how his greatest fear came into reality and Drew talks about a recent trip to Guatemala. We also bat around the idea of Threshing Floor Bingo and what would make it on the card.

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