The Threshing Floor

So what were you expecting to happen?

In this episode, our main conversation centers around Holy Spirit expectation. More specifically, what does it mean to develop a culture in your life and church. 


We also talk about plenty of other great things. 

Nicknames for Chest Hair
Taco Bell Crunchwrap sponsorship
Bigfoot costume
Chuck Knows Church
Christian Mingle (again)
Babylon Bee
The Nutty Professor
John Mark McMillian or Tupac

Main Conversation
What does it mean for us to load the deck for the Holy Spirit to come?
Language creates culture
We have to talk about what it means to be the church
What does it mean to go to church expecting to meet with God
I didn't expect the Holy Spirit...I expected trouble
We expect God to come, sadly it's because we want him to do what WE want him to do
Liturgy of Faithfulness
So how do we foster this?
What if our expectation and preparation is the beginning?
Priest and prophet as opposed to preachers and pastors
We must welcome people into this reality

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In yet another rousing episode of the Threshing Floor your hosts have a conversation about what it means to practice good self-care in ministry. We also have an extended conversation about what it means to grow old and homemade hair remedies. 

Our conversation includes (but is not limited to):

  • Willie Nelson's birthday cake
  • Getting old
  • Make Joshua's hair great again
  • Redneck mustard gas
  • Going grey
  • Oversize coveralls
  • Kingdom Week at Asbury
  • If you don't order your time...someone else will
  • Vocational ministry expectations
  • Learning to say no
  • The things that burn you out are usually not central to your own call and Passion
  • Everyone has chores
  • Chores vs. Passions
  • Learning to Develop Leaders
  • Huddle House vs. Waffle House
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