The Threshing Floor

In the 17th episode of The Threshing Floor Drew, Joshua and Chad talk about call. What does it mean to live out a called life, and what exactly is the called life? Does it belong to everyone or just those in ministry?

We also share about Joshua's visit with Chad, finding Phil Robertson's house and share the music we are listening too. We also give Joshua grief for his enjoyment of early 80's synth based Willie Nelson.

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In this episode, host Joshua Toepper shares about his trip to Rome and the hosts talk about the role of pilgrimage. They also talk about the role of subcultures and how groups of people learn to anchor themselves in the larger story of what God is doing.

Resources Mentioned.
Multiplying Missional Leaders. Review by Joshua Toepper
Reimagining Evangelism by Rick Richardson

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In this episode of The Threshing Floor, our hosts share their experiences with family dynamics in ministry. We talk about what it is like to be in ministry as single people, married with no children and married with kids. Part of this conversation is how we need to understand the mystery to all different dynamics of family and how we show what a life of faithfulness is like no matter where we are in life. All stages of life matter and our identity is found in our relationship with Christ.

We also talk about king cakes, Corrie Ten Boom and why Russell Crowe should never cover Johnny Cash songs.

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