The Threshing Floor

Joshua and Chad sit down with Mike Breen, founder and 3dm. Mike is a discipleship guru and we had the time to grab him at New Room 2015. For 30 minutes, Mike opens up on the rawness of discipleship, the language of "missional", the family space, and why movements must be anti-fragile.

The hosts also talk about the latest Ryan Adams/Taylor Swift collaboration and do a quick run down of New Room.

The Black Swan: The Impact Of The Highly Improbable
Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder
The Rise of Christianity
The Triumph of Christianity


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The boys are back in town.


Chad, Drew and Joshua sit down to have a conversation about the recent Ashley Madison scandal and integrity in ministry. 

We also realize it is our 45th episode and contemplate what the Threshing Floor's mid-life crisis will be. We also talk about the worship record that sticks with us the most and Drew's wife giving birth to a man cup in the coming weeks. 

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