The Threshing Floor

What happens when the fabulous three meet up with the tremendous two? 

Episode 71 of The Threshing Floor. 

At the 2016 New Room Conference, our hosts gather around the microphones of two of our favorite people. We fired up the mics and let the Holy Spirit roll. What happened was a fascinating conversation about ministry. 

We talked about many different things, including;

  • The role of power and Christlikeness.
  • The role of power and women in ministry.
  • How we are called to sociological imagination.
  • What it means to not use power for the self, but for others.
  • The role of race and privilege.
  • Being a good neighbor.
  • The role of power in healing ministry and relationships
  • Listening first to what Jesus says.
  • Fear.
  • How do we act around fear.
  • When we become a poor servant rather than something awesome.
  • Performance.
  • When we have a crisis in the gap.
  • Learning that ourself is enough.
  • Healing and the true self.
  • Listening loosely.
  • Why "God using us" is janky.
  • How we distort the image of God in our language of call.
  • The temptation of performance.
  • Not taking yourself too seriously.
  • What's more powerful than giving your own power away.

We also want to congratulate the winner of our Isaiah Epic of Eden giveaway!

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We recorded a fantastic conversation about Fundamentalism and Orthodoxy. We had some audio problems, mainly outside noise from a recording feed. However, the content was great. 

We let a few listeners in on the audio, they loved we are releasing this as an unadvertised, non-counted episode. 


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In the 70th episode of The Threshing Floor, Chad and Drew talk about Joshua's dangerous and deadly podcasting setup. We also reflect on over 3 years of The Threshing Floor and talk about some shifts and changes we want to take. Our big conversation is about game changer gatherings and what it means to come together with other people.

Our conversation includes:

  • Segments on segments
  • Adventures in contextualization
  • How faith podcasting has changed
  • Passion One Day
  • summer camps
  • mission trips
  • How we are excited about New Room
  • What are we expecting?


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