The Threshing Floor


In this episode, Joshua and Drew settle down for a nice long conversation directed by twitter feedback. We handle a multitude of topics offered up by you. 

  • Chad is out.
  • Meredith is doing the ironman.
  • Thunderdome and Meredith can take #masterblaster.
  • Joshua's new position.
  • Allan Bibles
  • Ministry with Muslims and Bible carrying. 
  • Having a presentation Bible. 
  • #snookie or Star Wars?
  • Dennis Kinlaw.
  • leaving a legacy of making disciples.
  • Pickup trucks and the Highwaymen.
  • Which Highwayman are the hosts?
  • Facebook and augmented reality.
  • Is internet interaction a place/location or an action?
  • Inerrancy and infallibility.
  • Bible worship or Jesus worship. 


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In this episode of The Threshing Floor, we wanted to provide a different type of experience. The Easter Vigil is a tradition dating back to the early church and is still in practice in different expressions of Christianity today. It is a full worship service, complete with multiple expression of devotion to Jesus and includes baptisms and communion. 

This episode is an immersive experience into the rhythm of the Easter vigil and is complete with a conversation about the host's own experience and love for the vigil. We also have a special guest, Dr. Lester Ruth, research professor of Christian Worship at Duke Divinity. He speaks specifically about the role of baptism and the early expression of baptism in the Easter Vigil. Dr. Marilyn Elliot also serves as part of our experience together. Drew Causey wrote a few special pieces of music and performed some other songs perfect for the Easter Vigil. You will also here a few select clips from Leonard Ravenhill, Joshua's favorite revival preacher. Chad has edited all of the together in a special auditory presentation.

So sit back, put on your headphones and spend the next hour with The Threshing Floor's special Easter Vigil Episode. 


Resources Mentioned:

Walking Where Jesus Walked by Dr. Lester Ruth

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