The Threshing Floor
Episode 43: The Darkside of Leadership

Chad and Joshua run wild without Drew on this episode of the Threshing Floor. They share the longest they went between visits to the dentist and high dollar recreational vehicles.

We also have a discussion about the underbelly of leadership, those times you just have to grind down on new skills and growing as a minister. We focus our conversation around two topics. Leading under stress and leading through weaknesses. 

Resources Mentioned:
Tim Keller's Leadership and Church Size Dynamics (free .pdf)
John Maxwell
Henry Nouwen In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership
Patrick Lencioni
Will Mancini Church Unique
Volunteer Rocket
Episode 5 with Mike Gammill

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The Threshing Floor continues our conversation with Dr. Matthew Sleeth in this episode. Dr. Sleeth shares about sabbath and what it means and our hosts talk about their Sabbath experiences and struggles. We also talk about being offended on facebook, share our seedthought of the 5 best albums for Sabbath Soundtracking. And finally...Joshua is back. 


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Drew sits down with Dr. Matthew Sleeth and has a conversation about wants, the speed of life and what it means for a Christian to care about creation. Drew and Chad also have a conversation about the recent S.C.O.T.U.S ruling over marriage, we talk about favorite hangouts and why #nicholasvillerocks



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