The Threshing Floor

In this episode of The Threshing Floor our hosts turn to a conversation on the hearts of many people today, The Middle East. We focus our conversation on having a heart for people outside of our world and what it means to cultivate a reality of living with a global mindset.

We also go through some twitter mail, share more about apocalyptic sidekicks, give reasons why we love vinyl records and go on an tangent about the matrix.

Resources Mentioned:
Standing in the shadow of the priest.
Omar Hamid Al-Rikabi

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In the 21st episode of the Threshing Floor our hosts talk about some old favorites and discuss the effects of season of life and seasons of ministry.

We also talk about the new Mad Max Fury Road Trailer, why post-apocalyptic stories are popular right now and what sidekick they would each pick to live in a post-apocalyptic world.

Resources Mentioned:
Pagan Christianity? Frank Viola and George BarnaChrist in Culture H. Richard Niebuhr

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