The Threshing Floor

Threshing Floor. Live from New Room 2015. 

Chad and Joshua sit down with the Rev. Dr. Andrew Thompson, senior pastor of First United Methodist in Springdale, Arkansas. Andrew also holds a doctorate of Theology from Duke University. He has spent time in college ministry, local church ministry, teaching in seminary and is now the pastor of a large, vital congregation in Arkansas. 

Chad and Joshua have a conversation with Andrew about what it means to be a pastoral theologian and why it matters to carry your education into the pulpit. We also have a raucous good time with another Southern boy at the expense of Joshua. 

Andrew is also part of the podcast Behind the Sermon. It is an experiment in public theology in reference to the weekly preaching event. Make sure to check it out here. 

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In this episode of The Threshing Floor, our hosts sit down and talk about 2015. They share their favorite music and movies and then get into some more serious questions. They speak about what they are looking forward to, how they feel God leading them in 2016 and what ministry and leadership will be. 

We also share our excitement for the regional New Room gatherings. You can find more information out here

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