The Threshing Floor
Episode 010: Creation and Orthodoxy

The Threshing Floor has hit double digits!

In our tenth episode we cover a plethora of topics. In our focus conversation, our hosts talk about the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate. We ask ourselves questions about how we read Genesis, how to talk about creation with church members and why Orthodoxy matters. Part of this conversation is the importance of Christian dialogue and we talk about John Wesley's Catholic Spirit.

Resources Mentioned:
Drew Causey: Wading Through the Creation Debate Aftermath.
JR Forasteros: Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy
John Wesley Sermon 39

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The hosts of the Threshing Floor are all big book nerds. There, it is out in public. While we all have different books we absolutely love, we want to share a few certain books with you.

In this episode, each of our three hosts share their own opinion of the best books for Wesleyans. They run the gamut from modern books to foundational documents for the Wesleyan movement.

We another conversation about what excites us in modern contemporary worship. Worship music is taking a turn in artistic and contextual direction. There are Catholic writers (Matt Maher, Audrey Assad) as well as local churches developing their own cultural sound (Hillsong Young & Free, Elevation, Mars Hill).

On the completely unrelated side  some thoughts about movies in 2014 come up, Chad shares the Maximus theory about Russell Crowe movies and Joshua sounds like Optimus Prime. We talk about a funny little mix up with the Seedbed App podcast feed in the last episode.

What is your recommendation for the best book(s) for Wesleyans?

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