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Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!

In this episode, the tireless three have a conversation with Matt Leroy, pastor of Love Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, NC. We talk about his church plant, what it means to love your community and how that creates different churches. 

We also talk about:

  • Coffee consumption
  • Drinking tea
  • Young guns
  • Joshua's hippy tea
  • Turbo granola
  • The Rock
  • The Governator
  • Muscle making as a business
  • Twitter famous
  • Waffle House
  • name dropping missiologists
  • The Lovelab
  • The Flippity Flor
  • The productive pastor shames Matt and makes him want to take a nap.
  • The story of Love Chapel Hill
  • Gethsemane
  • Being in bivocational ministry intentionally. 
  • We think Matt was in Dazed and Confused
  • Being given to a place
  • navigating the distance between good and right
  • 3 lessons about giving yourself to a place
  • love it more than anywhere else
  • Admitting you don't have the answers
  • Becoming a student of your neighborhood
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In this episode, our hosts talk with the Rev. Dr. Winfield Bevins about church planting, Anglicanism, and home discipleship. 

Our entire conversation topics include:

  • The 12 Days of Christmas
  • Apostles Creed
  • The Christian music comparison poster
  • the 12 Days need new lyrics
  • the 12 Days should be your actual wishlist
  • The 12 Calvinist Days of Christmas
  • Joshua is a bad Anglican and doesn't know his Church Calendar
  • Epiphany
  • Martin Sheen and the 4th Maji
  • The ghost of Christmas past
  • Leading Church planting in a large institution
  • Surfing
  • The Jaws movies
  • the global church and church planting
  • becoming Anglican as an entire church
  • Remissioning our existing churches
  • Family discipleship
  • Losing an entire generation
  • The home as a domestic church
  • Making transitions and change
  • Resolutions and goal-setting
  • Structured growth for the future
  • Not Joel Osteen
  • Having goals focused on bigger vision
  • Marking before and after in our lives
  • The power of causative change

Mentioned Resources
Grow at Home by Winfield Bevins
History of the 12 Days of Christmas 
Winfield Bevin's on FOUNDRYcast with Chad

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Advent episode 2!  Our hosts sit down to talk about the missional side of advent and how folks can take a few steps deeper into the tradition. We also talk about favorite traditions around Christmas both at home and in the church. 

Episode Content includes:

  • When ministry gets intense.
  • Advent Calendars.
  • Lego Advent calendars.
  • Christmas mouse.
  • Calling out Matt Stout.
  • Anticipation and Advent.
  • Entry point into Advent.
  • Drew's Mom voice.
  • Johnny Matthis Christmas album.
  • Stories of hope. 
  • Eschatology.
  • Why we need to anticipate.
  • Jesus coming back. 
  • This isn't how it's going to be. 
  • If it can't bring light...then it isn't as good as we say it is. 
  • O little town of Alleppo.
  • Rescue and redemption.
  • He can save us. Even us. 
  • Being present and not losing hope. 
  • The presence and the future. 

The Threshing Floor Gift Guide for Procrastinators. 

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Tools of Titans -Tim Ferris
  • American Buffalo - Steve Rinella
  • The John Wesley Collection
  • Mono remaster of Pet Sounds
  • Sturgill Simpson a Sailor's Guide to Earth.
  • Joshua wants the entire collection of Florida-Georgia Line albums. 
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It's Advent! #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear.

Each year in December, the Threshing Floor plans out special Advent conversations. These are typically our most popular episodes each year. We are excited about this year!

In this episode you hear about:

  • We laugh at the beginning.
  • radagascar.
  • Lord of the Rings.
  • Tetherball.
  • sports designed for bullies.
  • Advent.
  • decorating and hope.
  • What are your advent essentials?
  • God's silence that we need to recognize.
  • What does it mean to die waiting?
  • Advent as reclaiming.
  • Advent as completeness.
  • What it means to wait

Advent Episode History

Advent 2013 | Prepare the Way
Advent 2014 | Christmas Traditions
Advent 2015 | Solid Country Gold, Advent, and JD Walt

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Happy Thanksgiving!

In this episode, the Threshing Floor talks all about Thanksgiving. We share traditions, memories and do a deep dive into the Biblical idea of the concept of Thanksgiving. Plus, plenty more great conversations from the thunderous three. 

We talk about:

  • Kids Snacks.
  • Why coffee is better overseas.
  • Son-In-Law.
  • Bio-dome.
  • Pauly Shore.
  • Pauly Shore as a sociological concept.
  • Squirrel Brains.
  • Board Games.
  • Fried Moon Pies.
  • What we love about thanksgiving.
  • TTF gets thanksgiving.
  • The Old Testament idea of thanksgiving.
  • The power of acknowledgment.
  • Thanksgiving as offering.
  • The New Testament shift towards gratitude.
  • Thankfulness in different cultures.
  • Sentimentality as tradition.
  • Someone doing something for you that you can't do yourself.
  • Acknowledging powerlessness. 
  • Thankfulness NOT entitlement. 
  • Sentimentality without deep revelation
  • Learning to be a thankful people.
  • Twitter feedback.
  • Tract as a verb. (tracted?)
  • Do you use a rosary or prayer beads?
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Today's episode of The Threshing Floor takes you back to the golden era of door-to-door evangelism and talks about handing out gospel tracts. We also talk about Joshua's odd eating habits and jump into some listener feedback. 

Our conversations include:

  • Bed Times.
  • The Hashbrown Bowl at Waffle House.
  • Why we need to record an episode at Waffle House.
  • Joshua is a ghostbuster.
  • #makewafflesgreatagain.
  • Food Hacks.
  • Milk and Cereal or Cereal and Milk?
  • G-Love's early 2000's hit about breakfast food.
  • Jack Chick's death.
  • Soul-winning.
  • Revelation 21:8
  • Chad bails on evangelism and goes to a tattoo parlor.
  • Facebook as the modern tract.
  • There are things about this mode of evangelism with good intention.
  • does it require people to be convinced?
  • The message of the gospel is meant to be translated by transformed people. 
  • If we don't have active transformation-evangelism is hollow. 
  • Discipleship and evangelism. 
  • Thanksgiving
  • The sanctification suitcase episode
  • The best Mario game ever. 

Mentioned links

R.I.P Jack Chick, comics scaremonger (AV Club)

Jack Chick is Dead (New Republic) 

From Four Laws to Four Circles (Christianity Today) 

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Get ready. We will only say it once.

Get ready.

In today's episode, our hosts sit down with the infamous theologian Tom Fuerst to talk about theology and his latest book Underdogs and Outsiders. And many other fantastic topics.

These conversations include:

  • Chicago Hot Dogs
  • The Threshing Floor's best episode ever
  • Chad went to Chicago
  • Chicago pizza culture
  • Leonard Ravenhill (of course)
  • Why Tom eats chicken fingers (almost exclusively)
  • God creating our emotions
  • Why theology matters and needs to be creative
  • The job of the preacher
  • Why we need to develop an ethos with preaching
  • Jesus is not sitting at the right hand of God to coddle us
  • Why preaching should be rough
  • The word of God should destroy us
  • twitter feedback
  • What we are reading right now
  • AW Tozer's overalls
  • Criss cross applesauce
  • Joshua's new podcast


Tom on Twitter @Thom1st

Underdogs and Outsiders (Cokesbury)


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Welcome to the Thunderdome!

Not really. But we are trying out a new segment called "The Suitcase." This week, Drew pits Joshua and Chad against each other as they explain sanctification. 

We also talk about:

  • Meeting listeners at New Room.
  • How the New Room Conference has changed.
  • what it means to practice a revival approach to Wesleyanism instead of justifying a revival approach to Wesleyanism.
  • The Squire.
  • How Joshua eats on the show.
  • Kevin from the office.
  • The path of discipleship vs. the path of grace.
  • The best mario game ever made.
  • Joe Dongell on love (Sola Sancta Caritas link).
  • The Suitcase.
  • Free of willful sin. (Baptist)
  • Encountering a Risen Lord (EO and Pentecostal)
  • A street definition of sanctification.
  • 3 Graces
  • Kalistos Ware

Thanks for listening! 

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What happens when the fabulous three meet up with the tremendous two? 

Episode 71 of The Threshing Floor. 

At the 2016 New Room Conference, our hosts gather around the microphones of two of our favorite people. We fired up the mics and let the Holy Spirit roll. What happened was a fascinating conversation about ministry. 

We talked about many different things, including;

  • The role of power and Christlikeness.
  • The role of power and women in ministry.
  • How we are called to sociological imagination.
  • What it means to not use power for the self, but for others.
  • The role of race and privilege.
  • Being a good neighbor.
  • The role of power in healing ministry and relationships
  • Listening first to what Jesus says.
  • Fear.
  • How do we act around fear.
  • When we become a poor servant rather than something awesome.
  • Performance.
  • When we have a crisis in the gap.
  • Learning that ourself is enough.
  • Healing and the true self.
  • Listening loosely.
  • Why "God using us" is janky.
  • How we distort the image of God in our language of call.
  • The temptation of performance.
  • Not taking yourself too seriously.
  • What's more powerful than giving your own power away.

We also want to congratulate the winner of our Isaiah Epic of Eden giveaway!

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We recorded a fantastic conversation about Fundamentalism and Orthodoxy. We had some audio problems, mainly outside noise from a recording feed. However, the content was great. 

We let a few listeners in on the audio, they loved we are releasing this as an unadvertised, non-counted episode. 


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